Item NO.: CYS-H1100  Fail safe 

Description : Fail safe 

Size : 37*9*20MM

Loading Current: 7mA (4.8V)

Voltage : 4.8Volts ~6.0Volts

Weight : 6± 1 g


Low battery warning.

Prevents accidents by detecting low battery voltage, low radio battery voltage, no radio signal, and signal interference.

Stops vehicle by applying brake servo.

Compatible with 4.8V-6V receiver power source.

Requires: Connect fail-safe unit to throttle/brake servo and receiver.

An auxiliary safety device will constantly check the pulse signal from the receiver through CPU and turn on a fail safe (F/S) function if the pulse is disturbed by interference. When the power supply voltage drops, a battery fail (B-F/S) function with compact and lightweight design will not affect the overall servo performance.

Response quickly to any erroneous operations such as interference, etc, and prevents lost control of R/C models. Quick recall function quickly resets the F/S function by normal servo output signal from receiving the receiver after the interference disappears.

Fail-Safe Break Setup:


  1. Connect the fail-safe unit to throttle/brake servo and receiver. Do observe and make sure the polarity of the wire is correct.
  2. Connect to transmitter power, turn on transmitter, and now you’ll see FS Orange LED lighting on, it indicates that the signal is inputting, servo which connects to FS will receive the signal while operating the transmitter.
  3. Push the throttle so that servo can move to the ideal position, pushing FS Input signal button,release it while red LED flash 3 times, it indicates FS has recorded the signal.
  4. Turn off the transmitter power, and now you’ll see FS Orange LED stop, whenred LED flash, the servo will moveto the right position automatic which set before.
  5. Re-turn on transmitter power again, FS Orange LED light is on, servo will move while transmitter also moving. All set up is done, you can operate the transmitter freely.