As long as you choose CYS’s products , you will enjoy the warranty service which provide by CYS .

You can contact with your sales or CYS’s after sales service via email, fill the Repair Request Form below as much as you can to get the best and fastest service

    Warranty Condition

    1. The warranty is due to factory defects in materials or workmanship that will be judged by our technical staff upon inspection of the goods received.

    2. The products is in the warranty period with the original purchase receipt.

    Non-Warranty Condition

    1. (1) years warranty period has lapsed .

    2. The user disassembled or changed/modified the internal structure of the product.

    3. The product was damaged due to incorrect use (exposure non-waterproof product to water or any other liquid, hit, knock or crushed etc.)

    4. Any damage caused by acts of God.

    Remark: Pay to pair is acceptable if the products under non-warranty conditions.

    Warranty Period

    All CYS products supply (1) years warranty services from the date of purchase, during the period, we will repair or replace ( by our judgement) any defective products. You should always remain the original receipt as proof of the date of purchase.

    Remarks: For the product that has lapsed it’s warranty period and has been repaired in the past, will also offer 60 days’ guarantee on the repair (the 60 days cover will begin after the goods have been returned to the customer (Date of return)

    Shipping Cost of the Warranty products

    Whether the product is under warranty or not, the shipping costs from customer to CYS is paid by the customer , returning shipping cost will be judged according to the exact condition.

    Remark: we recommended to use a tracking facility to return the defective products such as DHL. UPS , Fedex or a Registered mail service. Once you arranged the shipment, please email us with your tracking number details so we can follow the delivery and keep in contact with your service via email for regular updates on the status of your repair.